Date: February 7-8, 2018, right after the closing of the conference.
Departure time will be 3:30 pm from The Bellevue Manila.

Packages Available:

  1. Single Room: $220 USD per head, Queen Bed,1 person.
  2. Single Room: $180 USD per head, Queen Bed, 2 persons, couple.
  3. Shared Room: $140 USD per head, Single Bed for each person, max of 3 persons/room. Fully Booked.
  4. Shared Room: $140 USD per head, 1 Queen Bed for couple, plus 1 Single Bed. Fully Booked.

All packages inclusive of the following:

  1. Emotional Health and Extended Health Coaching Seminar Workshop with Dr. Michael Arloski and special guest Dr. Hans Diehl.
  2. 3 meals (Dinner, Breakfast and Lunch), and 2 snacks.
  3. Tai Qui Gong exercise in am with guru.
  4. Fresh smoothie demo
  5. Interactive Organic Farm tour



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